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Med-ID is the World’s First QR (Quick Response) code Medical ID Bracelet.  Unlike other Medical ID Bracelets, which require paramedics to call to get your medical information, Med-ID delivers the results On The Spot, in seconds when You need it the most.
Let Med-ID speak for YOU!
In medical emergencies, it is critical for paramedics to get your medical information before making any decisions about your treatment. The sooner they know, sooner they can diagnose and start a suitable treatment plan.
But what if you are not able to speak? Med-ID is there to speak for you, when you can’t! Med-ID delivers critical information on your behalf right when you need it the most. No other medical bracelet delivers results like Med ID bracelets.
How It Works?
Using the latest QR (Quick Response) technology, Med-ID is able to store and dispatch your medical information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year around. NO PHONE CALL OR COMPUTER IS EVER NEEDED!
In an emergency, paramedics will locate your Medical ID Bracelet or necklace and simply scan it using any smart phone. Once they scan it, your medical information is displayed on their phone, in matter of seconds it’s that simple! 
Paramedics and Doctors now have all the information needed to properly chart suitable treatment plan based on your information in your profile. 
Complete Information Delivered On The Spot -24/7!
Med-ID gives paramedics the complete information such as your medical information, Food and drug allergies, current prescription  medications,  up to 3 emergency contact phone numbers and your primary physician’s name and phone number - All in one place.
Our system eliminates need to call anyone or use any computer to access your medical information – Saving critical time in life saving moments. With Med-ID, now you can have peace of mind knowing your critical information is delivered right when you need it the most.
Why Is It Important To Have Medical ID Bracelet?
In a Medical emergency it is important to diagnose your condition to better and effectively get the right treatment. Your Medical Alert Bracelet will allow Paramedics and doctors to quickly see all your important medical information at a quick glance so they can chart a suitable medical treatment plan based on your information. If you are not able to speak in Medical emergency, Medical ID bracelet will speak for you.
Who Should wear Medical ID bracelet?
Medical ID bracelets are suitable for anyone for suffers from a Medical condition, have food or drug allergies or take medications.  Medical ID bracelet gives you peace of mind and delivers results when you need it the most.
List of All Medical Conditions For which Medical ID Bracelet is Recommended.
Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Epilepsy, Allergies, Heart Patients, Pacemaker, Heart Stints, Asthma, Atrial Fibrillation, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Lymphedema Alert, Taking Coumadin, Stroke, Peanut Allergy, Food Allergy, Penicillin Allergy, Sulfa Allergy, Alzheimer's, Allergic to cephalosporins, Allergic to Morphine, Allergic to Contrast Dye, Bee Sting Allergy, On Blood Thinner, Gastric Bypass Patient, Lap Band Patient, Hemophilia, Memory Impaired, Manic Depressive, Schizophrenia, Hearing Impaired, Cochlear Implant, Sight Impaired, Organ Transplant, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Insufficiency, Autism, COPD, Seizure Disorder, On Multiple Medications and any other medical conditions.
Technology You Can Trust
Med ID takes advantage of today's cutting edge technology to empower people's lives. QR codes are being used more and more and are now a big part of our lives. By incorporating this exciting technology to deliver on the spot result for Medical History, we are creating new and exciting opportunities. Our growing line of Medical ID bracelets are fun and trendy to wear and we are in the process of growing Medical ID bracelet line so look for more exciting designs in the near future.